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HOW do flips off the wall

How do flips off the wall

Flip off the wall, or Wall Flip, one of the most beautiful and common elements of parkour.

Wall Flip - flip it, which is performed after one or more steps up the wall.



There are several varieties of thiselement: back, forward, Arab somersault (sideways from one foot to the rotation), lateral with two legs, back or forward with a turn of 180 degrees after the push off the wall, Wall Gainer, Trinity Flip (or Arabian somersault after two - three steps) , Palm flip (push hands), Rayden (push backs), corner wall flip (flip angle from the wall) .To order to learn how to perform usual somersault from the back wall, it is better to learn to do a pre-backflip on a flat surface or a small elevation, to be able to overcome the fear of a coup back over his head. Also, for the implementation of this element, you should be able to confidently make one - two steps up the wall.


To perform the necessary element Wall Flipdial a decent speed. Ran away, you take a step on the foot of the wall, which you prefer. In fulfillment of this element is important to make the first step on a wall as high as possible. The higher you will jump on the wall, the more time you will have to carry out a coup. Having made the first leg fence, you must "go" on the air, taking the position perpendicular to the wall, and immediately put it on the second leg, but a short distance from the first.


Next, it is important to make a powerful swing arms and rejecthead back - it is necessary to make the movement of energy for a good twist. In addition, if you tilt your head back, you can fall on her and hurt her neck. The landing should be carried out on prisognutye knees legs so as not to get injured.


The main mistakes made when performing a somersault off the wall back is a bad run, a short jump on the wall, poor deflection body back, no deflection head back, weak swing arms.


When you perform any acrobatic elementsremember that you can get seriously injured. So be careful and learn to perform tricks in specially equipped rooms in focus of the coach. If you are going to perform some elements of parkour on the street, ask friends to insure you.

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