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How to make a soft bouquet

How to make a soft bouquet

Unusual and original soft bouquet can be made of plush toys with their own hands.

It is useful for baby gifts or girl, and for the bride on the wedding stylishly decorated.

You will need

  • - Stuffed Toys-
  • - Styrofoam-
  • - Wooden shpazhki-
  • - lenty-
  • - hot glue-
  • - Plastic trumpet-
  • - Corrugated paper.



Purchase a few small soft toys. It may be seals, bears, bunnies. When using different toys in one bouquet Pick up of approximately the same size.


Make the foundation for the bouquet. Of a piece of foam at least 10 cm thick, cut out a circle of this size, so it can fit soft animals. Then, using the shape of the blade has a cone. Wide part will be used for fixing toys, and cut a narrow part of the diameter of the hole for the handle of the bouquet. Lubricate it with hot glue and insert the handle.


In the absence of a suitable piece of the farmfoam make the basis of the foam. Blow out cylinder foam hill on a sheet of paper. Immediately insert the pen into it, until the mixture froze. Do not touch with bare hands crude assembly foam. When it hardens, cut with a knife all superfluous.


Use as a handle for a soft bouquetsolid board base food from the roll film or foil. You can cut off a piece of the desired size of the plastic pipe of suitable diameter. If none of this at hand there, roll to roll glossy magazine Wrap and tape it so that it does not unwind.


Obtyanite foundation cloth or colored paper. Secure it with tape or a stapler. Wrap the handle with a satin ribbon, it missed the glue.


Attach the soft toys on wooden skewers withusing ribbons or plastic clamps that can be purchased in a hardware store. Glue the ribbon with hot glue or a clamp to the skewer, then secure the soft little creatures. If the bouquet is intended as a gift to an adult toy you can just stick to the skewer.


Insert the prepared toys as a basis forbouquet. Experiment with their placement until you get your desired result. Nanizhite large beads on wire floristic and slide it between the toys. Use another to fill the vacant seats, artificial flowers, bows.


Wrap the whole bunch of corrugated paper. Creating a soft bouquet, ponder the color combination of all of its constituent elements, that all looked hack one.

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