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How to make a sofa out of the grass on his land

How to make a bed of grass on his land

Garden - a place where we can enjoynature and fresh air, forget about the city noise, dusty and endless traffic. And nice to sit on the grass, enjoying the aromas of herbs and birds singing.

Wonderful place for such a holiday will couch grass, which will also be an emphasis on landscaping your yard.

You will need

  • - Soil-- dogwood or roll gazon- - lopata- - tachka- - molotok- - staples.



Creating unusual couch grass start withgiving pile of earth original rough form using shovels, hoes and other appropriate tools. to be thoroughly compacted soil for a good result. Elaborate details as possible, using a trowel and spatula. During operation, the soil should be kept moist.


Next, we measure large parts of the sofa and cutrelevant pieces of sod or turf. Then cut out the smaller details and place everything in its place. We put as closely as possible between the pieces of sod should be no gaps. In areas where wind or rain can displace the "trim" of the sofa, you want to install the bracket. Staples must penetrate the turf deep enough into the ground.

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