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How to make a snowboard

Dissect snowboarding on mountain slopes - pure enjoyment

If the winter is just around the corner, it is worth thinking about snowboarding.

Fortunately, a wide range of features to choose.

But it should be noted that a snowboard? thing quite expensive.

Therefore, it can be made from boards, make fixtures and paint themselves.

It is pleasant to ride on snow on a snowboard made with their own hands.



Buy board 1.5 m in length and about 1.5 cm wide and draw on her snowboard border, and then cut out a jigsaw piece. Edge grind a piece of wood and cloth.


Now you need to bend the board. To do this, leave it for 20 minutes under a stream of very hot water. Put the board on the table, and put a heavy weight on its center. Under edges enclose small wooden wedges of waste from the sawing blank and leave in such a billet for the night. The next morning soak longer only the ends of the board and again under them enclose wedges, but thicker. Since the ends of the board will have the desired bend.


Mounts boards are made of plywood thickness1 cm. Cut the workpiece to anchorages shaped? A? long tips. Place the workpiece fixtures under the hot water 15 minutes already flexible plywood wrap around the foot and secure it with cement blocks, while the workpiece is dry.


To take the basics of mounting thick plywoodapproximately 1.3 cm and cut out of it two trapezoids. The narrow part will be from outside of the ankle. Secure the workpiece for fixing to the basis - it will be the standard mount with a high back and two walls along the feet, as well as foundations. Color fixing and leave them to dry.


If the attachment was painted in the standardblack color, the black paint and the board. Along the edges of the blank stick adhesive tape to the edges of the paint is not dripping. Once painted side is dry, turn the snowboard and paint the second side, do not forget to stick the adhesive tape on the edges. It is desirable to be put on board another ink layer, after which the board can be applied to the logo.


Buy fiberglass and hardening agentmetal (it usually goes together with glass fiber in the bargain). The disposable plastic tableware put glass about one-third the volume and drip right amount of hardener (based on instructions). It is better to carry out this operation on the street, so as not to inhale toxic fumes from fiberglass. The cheapest brush (you do not mind), apply the resulting mixture is first on the basis of the board, and then to all other parts and mount. When the mixture dries, cover the snowboard another time.


From suitable material cut into 8 straps, sew each one with Velcro, and then attach the four straps on a buckle. Secure the buckle by means of fiber directly to the mount.


It remains only to attach to snowboard sticker. Let it be, for example, a circular hologram bonded over fixtures. That's all you can ride. Just keep in mind that our board and let the looks of this, but it is not as strong. But homemade snowboard order of magnitude easier? Purchased ?.

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