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How to make a snake from plastic cups


How to make a snake from plastic cups</a>

After the party left a lot of glasses?

Surprise yourself and your children with an unusual toy that will decorate any celebration.

You will need

  • - multi-colored plastic cups-
  • - a stick from under an ice cream-
  • - red felt-tip pen-
  • - Scotch-
  • - colored rope-
  • - stationery knife.



With a stationery knife in a stick from under the ice cream, cut out the shape of the snake tongue. Paint the end of the wand in red using a felt-tip pen.


In each colored cup, cut a small hole at the bottom. Do it very carefully with a clerical knife.


From colored paper, cut out the snake eye and glue it. Then insert your prepared stick from the ice cream into the slot. Fasten it from the back with adhesive tape.


To the scotch also glue the rope, it will join all the glasses.


Connect the remaining cups with a rope. Your snake is ready!

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