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How to make a small waterfall Housing

How to make a small waterfall Housing

Waterfall near her house looks very unusual.

And if it is made of natural stone - and even beautiful.

This waterfall size does not matter, guests delight still provided.

And for its construction requires not only building materials, but also the correct calculation and imagination.

Where to start construction

Build a waterfall will be much easier ifthe site already has a pond, where the water will drain. If the reservoir is not present, you must choose a place for him. The shape of the pond can be any - oval, round or rectangular.
Having defined the shape and size of the cup on the groundyou need to draw a circuit to drive on the edge of the pegs and lend them a rope. The following is to dig a pit. Its depth depends on how you will use the pond. If your plan is to keep the fish in it and some plants - enough for a small bowl. For a rich flora and fauna require a pit depth of not less than a meter.
In the manufacture of excavation, the bowl wall maycrumble, so from time to time they need to moisturize and ram. When the pit is ready to bowl, the bottom should fall asleep sand 10-15 cm tall and well compacted it. The land that remains after this work has to be sifted from the debris and left - it is still useful in the regeneration of the pond and waterfall.

Waterproofing pond

An important element in the construction of a waterfall -quality waterproofing. From it will depend on the service life of the structure. As the waterproofing material may be a film of PVC or butyl rubber. With these materials falls serve more than one decade. This layer of waterproofing in the trench should be placed so that most of the material fell out of the pit - about 1.5 meters.
A more practical option - concrete waterproofing. For the device to its bottom plastic film is laid first, and on it - the wire frame, covering the bottom and walls of the excavation. Then pour the concrete bottom and walls and a day later.

waterfall device

The next step is the construction of thewaterfall. In this case, you can use ready-made form, bought in a specialty store or a natural stone waterfall cascade. Laying should be performed in several layers of steps, holding them cement mortar.
When selecting a pump, consider the height of the waterfall. If the structure does not exceed one and a half meters - power 70 W is enough. Note the presence of the flow control function. With its help, you can increase or decrease the power of the jet.
Pump construction is placed on the bottom of the pond,covering stones. The hose connected to the water ejecting port on the pump is pulled up and fastened between the stones. The second hose is left on the bottom of the pond - it will take water.

Making waterfall

After the waterfall is completely built,You can think of its decoration. Particular attention should be paid to the place of the fall of the water streams. This is the main decorative element of the total composition. Usually, it is decorated with boulders, stones, slabs of sandstone. Around the waterfall planted plants, put small pebbles and stones.

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