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How to draw a sketch


How to draw a sketch</a>

Surely you sometimes even come across a variety of ideas of beautiful dresses and other garments that you would like to have, but do not know where to buy.

Most often, such ideas remain unembodied only because their creators do not know how to turn a thing created in thought into a real thing.

The first step towards materializing the idea of ​​a thing isHer sketch on paper. The sketch is especially important, when the thing needs to be sewn not to itself, but to a friend or client? And in this case, you first need to show the person a sketch of his future suit.

Even if you think that you can not draw - it's not a problem.



Clothing repeats the contours and proportions of the body, respectively, you must have an idea of ​​how the human body is built? This will help to build a competent sketch.


The construction of proportions begins with the head. The height from the floor to the chin in a man is equal to 6.5 of his head? That is, the proportions of the human body in relation to the head are equal to 7.5: 1. You can also use a ratio of 8.5: 1. This proportion extends the legs of the model on a sketch and makes the drawing more refined.


The female figure is smoother than the male figure. When drawing a sketch of a man's suit, remember that the male shoulders are wider than the hips, and the figure is more angular than the female. In women, on the contrary, the hips are wider than the shoulders.


Before drawing a silhouette of a figure, sketch an auxiliary? Skeleton? Torso, having previously made 8 marks on A4 sheet with equal distances.


Draw an ovoid shape of the head, taperingDown rectangle of the torso, slightly cone-shaped limbs. Draw the limb joints in the form of circles. Circle the resulting forms in a smooth outline? They help to realistically represent the figure of a person.


Then start modeling the plannedCostume on a schematic figure. In the sketch, do not you need to draw the smallest details? It is enough to make a reliable and beautiful image of what you are planning to sew.


Determine the outline of the style and cut of the suit or dress, add a couple of details, adjust the silhouette. Your sketch is ready.

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