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How to make a sketch

How to make a sketch

Surely you at least sometimes come to mind various ideas of beautiful dresses and other clothing items that you would like to have but do not know where to buy.

Most of these ideas remain unfulfilled just because their creator does not know how to turn the thing created in a real thoughts.

The first step towards the materialization of the idea of ​​things issketch it on paper. The sketch is especially important when the thing you need to sew is not himself, and a friend or a customer? and in this case, pre-need to show the person sketch suit its future.

Even if you think that can not draw - not a problem.



Clothing follows the contours and proportions of the body, respectively, you should have an idea of ​​how the human body is built? this will help build a competent sketch.


Construction begins with the proportions of the head. The height from the floor to the chin in humans is 6.5 of its goals? that is, toward the head of the human body proportions are 7.5: 1. It is also possible to use a proportion of 8.5: 1. This proportion lengthens legs model sketch and makes the picture more sophisticated.


The female figure is more smooth than men. Drawing a sketch of a man's suit, remember that men have shoulders wider than the hips, and the figure more angular than women. Women, in contrast, the hip is wider than the shoulders.


Before draw silhouette figure outline the helper? Skeleton? body, after making 8 marks on a sheet of A4 with equal distances.


Draw the ovoid shape of the head, taperingdown box torso slightly conical shape of the limbs. limb joints draw as circles. The resulting form a smooth contour circle? they will help present a realistic figure of a man.


After that, start to simulate the plannedsuit on the schematic figure. The sketch is not necessary to pick out the smallest details? enough to make a true and beautiful image that you plan to sew.


Determine the type of sketch style and cut suit or dress, add a couple of details, adjust the silhouette. Your sketch is ready.

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