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Creating a Web Site

Many question the creation of a website associatedwith the ability to program or possession of other special skills and knowledge. However, not everyone knows that the internet is working a lot of Web services, the so-called designers, allowing you to create your own web-site from prefabricated layouts absolutely free.

In addition to this they offer you a domain name (usually a subdomain), and placing the website on their site (web hosting).



Choose designer. Harness the power of the search engines, for example, Yandex to find and choose a favorite youweb site builder. All free designers tend to have the same opportunities and have minor differences. For example, in the Russian segment of the Internet is popular ucoz.com, ru.wix.com, nethouse.ru, and foreign - weebly.com, yola.com, imcreator.com. Take a look and learn a few designers to find the most suitable web design and accommodations.</ P>


Sign up. As a rule, before proceeding todesigning a website, you will be asked to register in a specific designer. To register, enough to have an email address and fill out the appropriate form. After the procedure you specified mailbox will receive a letter of confirmation of registration and other information (eg username and password). Then you can start working with the designer.


Start creating. Most designers are similar and stagescreate them are about the same. First, how to begin building a website, it is the choice of template (web design) from the gallery, or an independent design by placing ready-made blocks. Then you need to determine the structure - to decide which web pages should be present (eg, home, itself, gallery, contacts). The next step - filling material (text, images, etc.). After filling all necessary to save and then publish. Refer to the supplemental information used by the designer in case of any problems.


Make the setting. Site settings usually allowto connect your own domain or subdomain to choose the designer area, determine the conditions of the placement site, restricting access and other details. Typically, the amount of settings is minimized and the contrast of each tip located. After editing, you must apply them.

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