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How to make a siphon for an aquarium

How to make a siphon for an aquarium</a>

Periodically, the aquarium needs to be cleaned and replaced with a part of the water clean. Without this procedure, fish can die, because waste accumulates waste and other pollution.

The simplest method of cleaning is a siphon, with which you can easily drain water without moving fish to another container.

You can make a siphon out of improvised material.



Siphon is a small tube. Make it from any hose, it should be about 50 cm long, but diameter does not matter. But the smaller the diameter, the longer the water from the aquarium will descend. You can make a longer tube - it will be somewhat easier to merge.

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If you have fry in the aquarium or small adult fish, put one gauze on one end, which is fixed with a thread or a regular rubber. Small fish can leak with water through siphon, Which is undesirable, because they can get scared and even die. If you have large breeds of fish and they are larger than the diameter of the hose, you can not use gauze.

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The principle of draining water siphonTh: Insert a tube into the aquarium, create a negative pressure, put the other end of the tube in the container and drain the right amount of water. Replace the fused water with a clean, but not tap. If you do not want to drain air from the tube with your mouth, since you can choke on dirty water, you can fill the tubule with water, plug the end with your finger and carefully insert it into the aquarium. Release your finger and water will drain from the container.

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