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How to make a siphon for aquarium

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Periodically tank needs cleaning and replacement of the water clean. Without this procedure, the fish may die, because the water accumulated waste products and other contaminants.

The easiest way to clean - a siphon, with which you can easily drain the water without moving the fish to another container.

Make the siphon is possible from the material at hand.



Siphon - a small tube length. Make any of its hose, it should be about 50 cm in length, but the diameter is not important. But the smaller the diameter, the longer it will go down the water from the aquarium. You can do more long tube - will be merging more convenient.

Aquarium of 500 liters make himself


If you have a fish fry in the aquarium or small adult fish, pull on one end of the gauze, which lock a thread or regular rezinochkoy. Smaller fish may escape along with the water through siphonWhich is undesirable, because they may frighten and even death. If you have large species of fish and they are larger than the diameter of the hose, you can not use gauze.

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The principle of draining water siphonom: insert the tube into the tank, create a negative pressure, the second end of the tube, place in a container and pour the right amount of water. Drain the water, replace the net, but not water. If you do not want to lower the air with mouth tube, as can be swallowed dirty water can fill the tube with water, plug the end of the finger and gently inserted into the aquarium. Release your finger, and pour the water from the tank.

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