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How to make a silencer

How to make a silencer

From the operation of your vehicle's exhaust system depends comfort control over it during movement. There is hardly willing to challenge this fact.

Because of burnt silencer contributespenetration increased noise and exhaust gas in the machine shop, and provokes the appearance of headaches after several hours of driving in a car with such a malfunction.

Eliminate the fault and make the silencer in several ways.

You will need

  • Repair kit silencer
  • electric welding,
  • fireproof paint,
  • aluminum powder,
  • paint brush,
  • Sander.



It is necessary to purchase auto shop and then callin the garage, and close up of burnt area on the surface of the muffler with special chemical components which, after mixing are applied to the glass fiber, completely covering the burned-out site. The method of such repairs is considered involuntary, short-term measure.


Remove the muffler and with the help of carbon dioxide, welding machines weld the patch to the muffler.

How to make a silencer


Purchase a new silencer and replace the burned-out. But even during such repairs do not take the time and make more durable muffler.

How to make a silencer


To extend the life of the new silenceryou must clean off with his coat of paint factory. This is best done using a sander. Then the cleaned surface applied several layers of fire-resistant lacquer mixed with aluminum powder (silverfish).

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