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How to make a muffler


How to make a muffler</a>

From the functioning of the exhaust system of the car depends directly on the comfort of controlling it during the movement. It is unlikely that there will be a willing person, to challenge this fact.

Because the muffled silencer contributesThe penetration of excessive noise and exhaust gases into the interior of the car, and provokes the appearance of headaches after several hours of driving in a car with a similar malfunction.

Eliminate the malfunction and make a silencer in several ways.

You will need

  • Kit for repair of muffler,
  • electric welding,
  • Fireproof varnish,
  • Aluminum powder,
  • Paint brush,
  • Sander.



Need to buy in a car dealer, and then callIn the garage, and repair the burnt area on the surface of the muffler with the help of special chemical components, which after mixing are applied to the fiberglass, completely covering the burnt out area. The method of such repairs is considered a forced, short-term measure.


Dismantle the muffler and use a carbon dioxide welding semiautomatic machine to weld the mantle over the muffler.

How to make a muffler


Get a new silencer and replace it with burnt. But even when doing this repair, take the time and make the muffler more durable.

How to make a muffler


To increase the service life of the new mufflerIt is necessary to clean off the factory layer of paint from it. It is best to do this with a grinder. Then several layers of refractory lacquer mixed with aluminum powder (silver) are applied to the cleaned surface.

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