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How to make a label

How to make a label

A shortcut icon is a quick launch of the program or file on your computer.

In contrast to the executable file, the label contains only the image (icon), title and a link to the startup file.

Typically, create shortcuts for convenience, for example, on the desktop, so every time not to look for a folder with frequently run programs.



To create a shortcut to any location on your PC, for example, on your desktop, click on it right mouse button and then click? Start ?, and then? Label ?.


In the new window will need to enter the address towhich is the executable file of your program, in other words, you need to know which folder the program was installed, that you want to make a quick access through the shortcut. Typically, the program installed in the folder C:? / Program Files ?. Thus, for example, fulfilling of Internet Explorer is a file from the path C:? / Program Files / Internet Explorer / iexplore.exe ?. The executable file is usually always have an extension? .exe ?.
To enter an address, you can either manually or by selectingoption? ?? Review that opens the Windows Explorer for easier search for the desired file. After the startup file for the shortcut is found, click? Next ?.


The next step should be the name of the label. Enter the desired name, for example,? Game ?, and click? Finish ?. The label will appear on the desktop. Note that the label is different from this file so that the bottom left of its icon is an icon in the form of arrows.

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