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How to make a shelf in the Lada Priora

Acoustic shelf for priors

Any motorist listening to music on the road, so as not to miss.

However, very often the quality of car audio sound is not enough to satisfy the palate.

Therefore it is necessary to resort to tuning. One of the most important parts in the car audio is a rear shelf, which are arranged column.

Factory shelf car Lada Priora known for their poor quality, so it is best to make your own hands shelf.

You will need

  • Wooden sheet, tools for working with wood, Velcro the Velcro, Carpet and leather ends for audioprovodov.



To start pick up the material from which you will make your speaker shelf. Plastic and plastic, which are usually made fromfactory shelves are not suitable because they have a big disadvantage: from mechanical vibrations of sound and begins to rattle and pop. It is best used for the manufacture of wood shelves - it is easy to process and less prone gremuchesti. Suitable wooden sheet with a thickness of not less than 25 millimeters.


Make a detailed drawing of the future shelves. Take a sheet of paper. Remove the factory shelf, Put it on paper so that it is fully contained on a sheet and drag circuit. After that, remove the factory shelf. Promerte and calculate all the holes in the shelf that will be needed, and apply them to the drawing. Plans should be as accurate as possible.


Now put the marks on wood sheetyou create a drawing. Carefully check the layout. The main lines along which you saw, circle the red pencil or felt-tip pen. Proceed to the cutting out of the shelf. Try to cut carefully, so as not to leave large burrs on the edges.


Treat the resulting workpiece. Scuff to smooth its surface. The edges should also be treated to make them smooth and rounded. Make fitting, everything should fit exactly.


You can begin to install the speakers. Attach them to the best sealant to the speakers sitting in their nests. Make a frame of the connectors in the wiring of the speaker to be able to fully dismantle if necessary shelf.


Take care of the appearance of your shelves. You can sheathe it with any material. On "price-quality" is best suited Carpet. You can also use the skin or substitutes. Think of the mounting shelf. To regiment was making less noise and was not exposed to vibration, it should be mounted on Velcro Velcro.

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