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How to make a shaggy mat knitted thread

How to make a shaggy mat knitted thread

Leave the bad habit of throwing unwanted clothing in the past.

From plain old knit shirts can make a wonderful fluffy carpet.

You will need

  • - Knitted pryazha-
  • - Old bath mat of PVC
  • - Tapestry igla-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Cardboard.



So, first you need to make the working material, thethere are knitted thread. To this old shirts cut into strips 1.5 cm wide. Each strip suction. So she spun, and we will be more convenient to her work. Then cut all of the fabric interconnects, and wound into a ball.


Next, cut out from cardboard rectangle whose width is equal to 5.5 cm, length - 15 cm.


Now we proceed to the manufacture of our crafts. Take knitting yarn, its length should be equal to 80 centimeters, and in its vdevaem tapestry needle. The needle is inserted from the front side of the second strip of mat made of PVC, and certainly in the second hole. The product is not recommended to start doing from the edge, as it can easily break. Pulling the thread as long as the front side will not remain in a tail length of 5 centimeters. Then return the needle with a thread on the end of the carpet through the hole in the next strip.


Then take a cut, and a cardboard boxset it on the edge of the mat between the strips of PVC. Through this, so to speak, you need to flip the fence knitted "yarn", and then insert the needle into the next hole. So do as long as until the end of the thread. This cardboard will provide the same long villi future shaggy rug.


Then take the scissors and, without removing it from under "yarn" cardboard, cut it exactly in the middle, that is, where there is a fold yarns.


After carefully cut the thread bymiddle, you need to tie a knot in the ends of the "yarn". All the above steps do until then, until the end of the foundation. The color and shape of the product depends only on your imagination. Shaggy rug of the knitted thread is ready!

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