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How to make a server from an old computer


How to make a server from an old computer

An old computer can be used as a server to raise a personal web resource or file storage.

To start the server, just install the appropriate software and configure it to work correctly.



To configure the web server, you must installSuitable operating system. Distributions from the Linux family are the best. For example, for a web server, good packages will be Red Hat, Fedora, and Ubuntu Server. Choose the Linux option that suits you and download it from the Internet. You can also install the Debian Wheezy system ready for use with servers.


Record the selected distribution on the storage medium. You can record on a USB flash drive, CD or DVD. Among the most popular programs for burning images of operating systems is worth noting UltraISO and UNetbootin, which allow you to correctly extract the selected image to any removable media.


Open the downloaded distribution withSelect the program and record the disc following the interface instructions. To make a bootable USB flash drive in UltraISO, use the "Burn Hard Disk Image" section.


Install the storage medium in the computer andBoot from it. Install the operating system according to the instructions on the screen. To boot from the disk, you need to go to the BIOS settings by pressing the F2, F8 or F10 button (depending on the motherboard model). Use the First Boot Device section to set the required parameters. In the list, specify your drive or USB reader, then save the changes and restart the computer.


After installing the operating system, you will need to install the application package to run the server (Apache, MySQL, PHP). To do this, call the terminal and enter the following commands:

Sudo apt-get install tasksel
Sudo tasksel


In the list that appears, use the keyboard buttonsSelect LAMP Server and press Enter. The installation process will begin, during which you will be asked to set a password for accessing the MySQL panel. After the operation is complete, you can start configuring and configuring your server, as well as installing your own site.

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