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How to make a server from a PC


Make a server from your PC - it's not difficult at all

Sometimes there is a need to makeHome personal computer server on the Internet. This may be due to both the desire to simply place your site on a "home" hosting, and with the need to put some files in public access.

Also, servers are often created by fans of video games in order to be able to play on a certain computer on the network.

But the game server is much easier to create than the usual one.



Before you start creating server From your home computer, it is worth considering some important points. First, it is necessary to understand that a normal personal computer as a serverBut does not fit very well. If you post on a similar serverE popular site, it will be very inconvenient for users to visit it, since server Will be terribly "slow down". Secondly, you will need an unlimited high-speed Internet channel. Thirdly, you should purchase from your ISP a static IP-address for your computer. If you have fulfilled all these necessary conditions, then you can start creating your own Internet-server.


To create it, you need a little software, a number of skills in setting up operating systems and a day or two of time. First of all, to create your own serverAnd, you will need to install it on your personal computer serverOperating system. You can choose the following operating systems: Windows Server 2003 or 2008, OpenSolaris, Apache or almost any Linux. Understand the settings of any of these operating systems, if you have video lessons on working with the system or the user's manual, it will not be difficult. This will take you a couple of hours (in the case of Windows Server) or a day or two in the case of Linux.


After you have set up serverOperational system under theParameters, then you can place the site there, link it to the IP address of your computer, configure DNS and / or host the files necessary for downloading. Everything will work. Do not forget about mail clients and other related programs that you might need, as well as users of your resource.

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