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How to make a school newspaper

How to make a school newspaper

Today, write, mark up, and printschool newspaper is much easier and less expensive than, say, 20-30 years ago. With its arsenal the basic skills of a writer and a computer with Word, you can easily develop the idea of ​​school "messenger."

Also, do not do when creating a school newspaper without like-minded adults and Support.



Talk with the class teacher, and betterimmediately to the principal for any support in the creation of the school newspaper. It is better if you collect action group, which will offer numerous ideas and themes for news stories. Support for the project includes: the provision of computers and software for the layout, access to the Internet, help teachers and students to check the text for spelling and grammatical errors, help in developing a plan of promotion and design.


If you find the support of the school is not possible,Try to interest the parents. Some of them are planning to send their children to receive higher philology or journalism education, and the school newspaper - a good springboard for aspiring writers and journalists. If you own a computer and good targeting on the Internet, it is possible to save on the costs of printing the newspaper publishing your pearls in the global network on their own school website. Attracts not only students as writers and journalists, but also teachers and students.


Brainstorm and come up with a catchyname for the school newspaper. Develop a home page design, logo edition, ranking titles. Think of headings and themes, style and concept of the entire newspaper. You can publish news and texts relating to school life: about competitions, about sports, about the teachers and the learning process, a summer vacation, and the school curriculum, puzzles, cartoons, pictures, ads, horoscopes, comics and much more. It's handy for the electronic version. Decide whether your newspaper weekly or monthly.


Dial the students who are able to sell newspapers, and want to earn some money. Only if your school provides all the consumables (paper, ink), then you can distribute school newspaper is free.

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Give threads volunteers and ozvuchte deadlinesfinished materials. Be sure to make a list of requirements: the presence of photographs, handwritten or electronic form of articles, the amount of text, the availability of titles.


Typeset material, developed usinghome page design and electronic templates. Usually, the most important news is printed on the front page, and the views of the analyst - in the middle of the newspaper, and entertainment column - on the last page.


Print several copies and distribute them to editors to proofread. Make changes in the layout, according to the proposals of your editors.

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Type the planned number of copiesnewspaper. By the way, the circulation and the names of the editors, please indicate on the last page of the publication. Spread it in all possible ways. If you publish newspaper Internet, LAYOUT ads across the entire school about the new rooms with big indication of the site address.

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