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How to make a school newspaper


How to make a school newspaper</a>

Today write, print and printThe school newspaper is much easier and less expensive than, for example, 20-30 years ago. Having in your arsenal the basic skills of a writer and a computer with Word installed, you can easily develop the idea of ​​a school "messenger".

It is also necessary to create a school newspaper without adherents and support adults.



Talk to the class teacher, but betterImmediately with the director of the school for any support in creating a school newspaper. It is better if you gather an initiative group that will offer numerous ideas and topics for newspaper materials. Project support includes: providing computers and layout software, providing access to the Internet, assisting teachers or students in verifying texts for spelling and grammatical errors, assisting in the development of a promotion plan and design.


If you find support from the school is impossible,Try to interest your parents. Some of them plan to send their children to receive higher philological or journalistic education, and the school newspaper is a good springboard for young writers and journalists. If you are good at owning a computer and orienting yourself on the Internet, you can save money on printing costs of a newspaper by publishing your pearls in a global network on your own school website. Involve not only schoolchildren as writers and journalists, but also teachers and students.


Hold a brainstorm and come up with a catchyThe name for the school newspaper. Develop the design of the main page, the logo of the publication, the rating of headings. Think about the headings and themes, the style and the concept of the whole newspaper. You can publish news and texts about school life: about the Olympics, about sports, about the teachers and the educational process, about the summer rest and the school program, puzzles, cartoons, photographs, ads, horoscopes, comics and much more. This all come in handy for the electronic version. Decide whether your newspaper will be weekly or monthly.


Dial schoolchildren who know how to sell newspapers and want to earn money on it. Only if your school provides all the consumables (paper, ink), then you can distribute the school Newspaper is free.

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Give out volunteers topics and voice deadlinesFinished materials. Be sure to make a list of requirements: the presence of photographs, handwritten or electronic views of the articles, the amount of text, the availability of headings.


Make up the materials using the developedDesign of the main page and electronic templates. Usually the most important news is printed on the main page, the analyst and opinion - in the middle of the newspaper, and the entertaining headings - on the last sheets.


Print out several copies and distribute them to editors for proofreading. Make edits in the layout, according to the suggestions of your editors.

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Print the planned number of copiesNewspapers. By the way, it is desirable to indicate the circulation and the names of editors on the last page of the publication. Distribute it in every possible way. If you publish Newspaper On the Internet, distribute announcements throughout the school about the release of a new number with a large indication of the address of the site.

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