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How to make a scarf

How to make a scarf

The scarf can not only bind, but also to sew! It is much faster and more urgent, because the spring comes ...

Down warm coat!

You will need

  • Piece of fabric length of 2 m, 60 cm wide
  • Sewing machine
  • Threads for sewing.



The scarf can be done in so many ways. It can knit, weave in the network a lot of very different ways. To create scarves used and thread, and yarn. The quality, composition and thickness of knitting yarn density dependent, and accordingly, the thickness of the product. Also different ways of knitting. If you knit scarf - scarf will smooth, Bole tight, and the time for its production will take less. If you dare to knit crochet a scarf - it can turn out delicate accessory, because when crocheting a larger selection of different patterns, but also the time it will take much longer.

It is also possible to sew scarves. This is especially true demi-season scarves that need more like accessories, but not as warm clothes to save temperature. On the sewing scarf spent the least amount of time, compared with knitting.


To sew a scarf, we needdecide on the cloth for him. It is best to take a thin, easy to drape fabric, because we will use in our scarf elements assembly. You can take a thin wool or mixed fabrics.


Take a piece of cloth in the following sizes: . Length of about 2 m, width about 60 cm If the cut edges are not treated, they should treat the overlock seam (if your machine has this feature - you can use it). You can pre-cut is to give company to you his obverlozhili professionally overlock, it does not take much time, but it will save you your.


Then decompose in the horizontal otrezsurface and through the sewing chalk two lines share the cutting width into three parts, by 20 cm. Obtain two bands that share our long scarf. Our task - to steal a little basting stitch to these seams scarf to make it a habit are like "boa".


Prometav thus two-seam, and alwaysfixing the thread at the end of the cut, so they do not have blossomed - scarf sewn on conventional basting stitch on the machine, the assembly fixing. It can be used as a thread in the color of the scarf fabric and contrast for greater individuality of your things.


Now we just have to gently remove the basting thread - and scarf ready.

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