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How to make a scarf


How to make a scarf</a>

The scarf can be not only tied, but also sewed! It's much faster and more relevant, because spring comes ...

Down with warm wool!

You will need

  • A length of fabric 2 m long, 60 cm wide
  • Sewing machine
  • Threads for sewing.



A scarf can be made in so many ways. It can be knit, weave, there are a lot of different ways on the net. To create scarves, both thread and yarn are used. From the quality, composition and thickness of the threads depends the density of the mating, and, accordingly, the thickness of the product. Also different ways of knitting. If you knit a scarf with knitting needles - the scarf will turn out even, more dense, and the time for its making will go less. If you dare to knit a scarf crochet - you can get an openwork accessory, because when crocheting a larger selection of different patterns, but the time for it will go much more.

You can also sew scarves. Especially it concerns demi-season scarves, which are needed more as accessories, and not as warm things for keeping the temperature. Scarf sewing consumes the least amount of time, in comparison with knitting.


In order to sew a scarf, we needDetermine the cloth for him. It is best to take a thin, easily draped fabric, because we will use the assembly elements in our scarf. You can take a thin woolen or mixed fabric.


We take a piece of cloth of the following sizes: Length about 2 m, width about 60 cm. If the edges of the cut are not processed, then they need to be treated with an overlock seam (if your machine has such a function - use it). You can preliminarily give a cut in the atelier, so that you have it overtaken on a professional overlock, it will not take long, but it will save you yours.


Then we divide the cut into a horizontalSurface, and using the sewing chalk in two lines, divide the width of the cut into three parts, 20 cm each. We get two strips that separate our scarf in length. Our task is to tear off the scarf a little by means of a tentative seam to make it look like a boa.


Having thus swept two seams, and be sureFixing the thread at the end of the cut so that they do not dissolve - we sew the scarf on the mark with an ordinary seam on the machine, fixing the assemblies. You can use both threads in the color of the fabric of the scarf, and contrasting, for the greater individuality of your thing.


Now we only need to carefully remove the threads - and the scarf is ready.

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