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How to make a sari


How to make a sari</a>

Sari is traditional Indian women's clothing. It's hard to believe that from an ordinary long piece of cloth you can make such a luxurious robe that suits a woman of any makeup and decorates her.

The most valuable are saris from hand-made fabrics.

You will need

  • - The cloth-
  • - Scissors-
  • - Sewing machine-
  • - Wide fringe.



In order to sew saris, you need to correctlyPick up the fabric for him. The main beauty of this apparel is the smooth fluidity of the fabric and the fabric drape around the body, so the fabric must be thin, soft, soft and silky. You can use fine cotton, but it's best to use silk.


After choosing the fabric you need to determine the lengthsari. The classic sizes of the sari are as follows: the width is about 1-1.25 m, and the length is from 5 to 8.5 m. The length of the cloth depends on the thickness of the fabric, and on the way of putting on the sari. And the width depends on the rim on the sari.


There are fabrics with a ready-made border, but if the fabricIt will be necessary to select and sew the rim separately. It is better if it is ideally suited to the tone of the main color and harmonize with it. If there are several variants of the rim, then the most beautiful one should be sewn on that piece of cloth that will be on the shoulder. This will additionally decorate the sari.


Sari Wear with a lower skirt and a tight short blouse (choli). Sari Can be draped on the body in several ways. Depending on what you want to achieve, this or that option is chosen. With the help of a sari, you can emphasize the merits of your figure and hide flaws.

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