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How to make a sari

How to make a sari

Sari - a traditional Indian women's clothes. Hard to believe that out of the usual long piece of cloth, you can make such a luxurious garment that fits women of any build and decorate it.

The most valuable are the saris of handmade fabrics.

You will need

  • - The cloth-
  • - Nozhnitsy-
  • - Sewing machine-
  • - Wide rim.



In order to make a sari, you need to properlychoose the fabric for it. The main beauty of this garment is to smooth the flow of fabric and draping fabric around the body, so the fabric should be thin, soft, smooth and silky. You can use a thin cotton, but it is best to use silk.


After the choice of fabric needed to determine the lengthsari. Classic sizes saris are: width of about 1-1.25 m and a length of 5 to 8.5 m leaf length depends on the thickness of the fabric, and the method of donning a sari.. A width depends on the rim on a sari.


There are fabric with a finished border, but if the fabricmonophonic, you will need to select and sew a hem separately. Better if it will be ideally suited to the tone of the base color and be in harmony with them. If there are several options of rim, then the most beautiful to be sewn to the piece of fabric, which will be on the shoulder. This further decorate sari.


Sari worn with a petticoat and tight short blouse (choli). Sari drape can body in several ways. Depending on what you want to achieve a particular selectable option. With saris can emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide flaws.

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