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How to make a sandbox with their hands

The simplest sandpit

In anticipation of the summer market of goods for the garden cottages and traditionally it comes to life and experiencing seasonal rise.

You receive a wide range of plastic and wooden sandboxes for dachas.

But often the price is somewhat surprising poorer cottagers, and it is necessary to make wooden sandbox.

You will need

  • Boards, bars, a hammer with a claw hammer, nails, handsaw or a wood saw.



Decide on the shape and size of the futuresandboxes. The classical form - a square. And the size depends on the number of children and the availability of space in the country. Usually choose from 1x1 m to 2x2 m. The height of the sandbox is to allow the child to climb into it, and the amount of sand to be such that the child has not got to the bottom of the earth. It's enough of 10-15 cm layer of sand and 20-30 cm high skirting.

Another version of the sandbox


Select the location of the sandbox location. This should be easily visible location, it was convenient to look after the child. If you are not going to do the roof for the sandbox, then its location should be hidden from the sun. For example, a high tree. Fitting the future of the sandbox clean from the top layer of the earth

Sandbox with a tent


If the sandbox is mounted on the bars, dugin the corners of the earth, advance zagotovte bars. Vroyte them in the ground by 30-40 cm, and mount them is already a board or plank boards. If your sandbox design - it is a simple square of boards, planks, select the thickness not less than 30 mm. Thick board will give the necessary strength and rigidity, as well as provide a more convenient installation. Joining the board better with screws instead of nails.


Holiday sandbox often have cover. It allows you to keep dry sand, which is important for the health of the child, as well as protect it from foreign debris from dogs, cats and birds. To cover is not lying, and it was not necessary to constantly put on and take off, make a cover-transformer, which turns into a bench or shelf.


Always contemplate bumpers to childcould sculpt cakes, paint the sandbox and fill sand. Sand river use, pre-screened through a metal mesh. If sand brought wet, allow it to dry a couple of days in the sun. Around the sandbox, you can either put the grass or lay paving slabs.

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