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How to make a sachet of herbs

How to make a sachet of herbs

Aromatic sachets helps fight unpleasant smells in the apartment, wardrobe, drawers and shelves.

Fragrant herbs and flower petals will fill the house with pleasant scents and remind you of summer.

You will need

  • - Fragrant travy-
  • - Petals colors-
  • - Cotton cloth-
  • - Ribbons, ribbons, lace.



On a sunny day, pick up flower buds, petalsand herbs. Mint is suitable for the manufacture of sachets, lavender, Monarda, oregano, alyssum, rose petals, that is, plants that have a pleasant and strong aroma.


Tie the plants into bundles and hang flowers andleaves down in a dry, well-ventilated area. This may be a room, a veranda or a waiting room. Buds and petals lay on the grid, laid by a layer of gauze and leave for a few weeks.


There is also a faster way to dryplant and do not lose their flavor. Put them on a plate and send in the microwave for a few minutes. Then remove the bowl, turn the plant and then send in the oven. The number of minutes is determined empirically. It is important to not dry up the fragrant herbs and flowers. Then put them in a clean, dry glass jar, close the lid and put in a dark place for 1-2 weeks.


Sew the pillows or bags. Take them out of cotton fabric: linen, calico or calico. 2 equal to carve out a square or rectangle. Fold the top side on the wrong side and hem by hand or on a sewing machine (if you sew a pillow, then you can skip this step). Then add details inside out and Sew three sides. Turn the bag right side out and stuff them with dry herbs or petals. Tie the bag beautiful ribbon or braid.

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