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How to make a rug out of old jeans

How to make a rug out of old jeans

Very often, we throw away old clothes worn.

And a very good reason!

For example, from old jeans can make original mat, and under his power to make even those who barely knew the hook.

You will need

  • - Jeans - 12 part-
  • - Hook number 10-
  • - Scissors.



So first we need to make them "yarn"that is cut out and cut them into strips. Cut Jeans, cut sutures, and then cut out long strips, the width should not exceed 1 centimeter.


Of course, it would be best if this thread willcontinuous, in fact agree that the extra nodes we do not need. This problem can be solved. As soon as you approach the bottom of the trouser legs, carve out a strip that it is wider than the thread exactly 2 times, and then it just cut into two.


Cut all the jeans into strips, then gently unwound this "yarn" into a ball.


Getting knitting mat. As mentioned earlier, this is no big deal. First, we collect the right amount of air loops. Keep in mind that during the knitting width of the body will increase by approximately 5 centimeters.


Once recruited air chain, begin to knit columns without nakida mat. To your product has been stronger during the knitting should cling to the hook of the two loops wall.


Knit columns without nakida mat to theend. Be prepared for the fact that knit denim "yarn" is more complicated than usual. The difficulty mainly lies in the fact that the hinges are simply invisible. So take your time and do everything very carefully.


Once you have completed the first ball, take new and tie it with a double knot. The ends of the thread you need to hide in the loops of the product.


Upon completion of work necessary to tie the mat without nakida columns, and then hide the skin. Denim mat ready!

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