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How to make a rug out of the twine

How to make a rug out of the twine

Optional buy rugs in the store.

They can make their own, and improvised.

I offer you a mat of twine.

You will need

  • - Beige bechevka-
  • - Knitwear different colors-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Adhesive pistolet-
  • - hot glue-
  • - Soft mesh construction with large cells.



Take a knitted fabric and cut out of it wide strips no more than 2 centimeters. Next, these segments pull for tips. Thus the fabric is twisted and becomes accurate.


Then take the glue gun. With it, we will glue the tip of the rope and twisted the edge of knitwear segment. Before the production of carpet, you need to trim the string, that is, cut off from her unwound edge and trim the ends of the lashes.


After knitted stretch bonded to the end of the rope, they begin to wind it in a spiral. Between parts of the winding should be at least 3 centimeters. The length of the wound string is 1 meter.


Wrap the twine, twist knitwear. To rope remains in a position fix it with hot glue. Thus, we get a small circle decorated cloth. As do all the other elements of the carpet. You can play with their size, that is to create a product with unusual shapes.


If you have made a sufficient number of elements,then you can begin to "collecting" mat, ie glue all the circles together. To do this, apply hot glue in place of contact between the circles of twine.


Now glue soft carpet to the building grid. Just lubricate the product glue and firmly presses it to the base, that is, to the grid.


Once the mesh grab with a rug, you need totrim the edges. Contours of our product on the circuit, as well as where there are gaps between the circles. Use scissors to cut the excess of the net. The mat of twine ready for use!

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