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Homemade patchwork rug - it's fast and beautiful

Going to the bathroom or the toilet on a cold winter morning,and realizing that the tiles underfoot brutally cold, you imagine how it would be great to have under their feet and warm fluffy carpet tiles instead of the damned. You can, of course, about this dream every morning until retirement, but it would be better to buy the rug.

And the best choice is a manufacturer of its own hands.

You will need

  • We need to prepare 50 g. cotton tape or yarn, strong cord, four poles with a diameter of 7 cm sheet of cardboard 13 to 20 cm and bright scraps of fabrics of different colors, bright or not.



Pieces of cut fabric strips 4 cm wide,We pull them into cardboard template and along its entire length uniformly distribute. In the folds of the strip cut and get scraps 4 by 13 cm. Make a weaving frame of the two branched ends of sticks and two cross bars. On both sides of the bottom rail and the ends of the side cut out holes for the connections crosswise. Fastening sticks like palm trees and tied their rope. The width of the fixed frame. We put in the straight ends of the upper bar.


We stretch yarn on the frame, winding it aroundthe lower and upper rungs. We stretch them 132 bases strand of 1 cm from each groomsman. The number of bases chosen based on the size of the mat 65 to 85 cm.


Take the cord, connect the hook chain, whichgrab warp? of the cord loop is inserted into the hook, and is supplied to the first two strands of the basics right. Working thread should not go out of the base. The first two warp grab loop and pull the hook through the loop of the working portion of the cord. It turns out another loop, which we cover the following two warp threads and again through the loop pull cord. And so we do, until we reach the end of the strand base. At the end of anchoring.


Now we form the canvas. Extends through the warp cord snake, securing start. Paving the first row of lace and tying us scraps harvested to braid, bases between each thread. Once the series ended, paving the reverse braid her to have twine staggered warp threads with respect to the previous series, and fastened on scraps of braid.


Each next row with lace scraps shift close to the previous one. How to reach the desired length of the pad, cable knit crochet chain. This chain will have to keep the edge of the product.


At the ends of the crossbars cut strand basefreeing pad from the frame. The first warp yarn we zavyazyva6etsya two node together with a third, and the second? the fourth and so on. Trim with scissors fringe of patches, we can safely say that our bright and beautiful carpet ready!

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