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How to make a rose out of clay

How to make a rose out of clay

Plastic and convenient for creative work for creating clay flowers with his own hands. Manufacturing of roses made of this material can be decorated with a bottle of wine, glasses and vases.

These decorative elements useful to you for making jewelery.

Large naturalistic made roses look great in the interior premises.

You will need

  • - polymer clay-
  • - Thin Gloves-
  • - glass-
  • - folga-
  • - Acrylic paint or pastel-
  • - Wooden toothpicks.



Thoroughly mash in the hands of a piece of polymer clay, a suitable color you need. You have to remove any air bubbles that may be in the material. Then suddenly ready to hack crack.


Wear thin rubber gloves orfingertips. If mold rose petals with their bare hands, they will remain your prints. Tear off a piece of plastic from several small pieces and roll them out of beads.


Mash each ball into a thin cake. This can be done directly on the glass or between the toes. The edges of the petals should be thinner than the middle, and slightly wavy. For this alone walk on them with your fingertip or a special tool.


Petals of roses can be done in another way. Roll out a piece of plastic on the glass in a thin layer. Using special molds or pattern cut out the desired number of petals. What will be more, the more magnificent happens rose.


Roll one petal into a tube. It will seredinka flower bud. Prilep side next petal. His thin the edge of the flower bend slightly inward. Therefore, attach a few elements of the future roses.


Glue the outer petals. Now, slightly unbent their edges outward. And in the center of each petal small tucks do, but you can not do it as you like.


Cut with a sharp knife the excess plastic from the back of the roses that had a flat base. Then it will be very convenient to stick to the glass, or used in earrings or bracelets.


Plug in each rosette a wooden toothpick. The other end of the toothpick to slide into a ball of crumpled foil. Put the resulting "hedgehog" in the oven. Terms baking your plastic read on the label. Different manufacturers vary the data.


Cooled rose inspect carefully. All unnecessary prints can be sanded with fine sandpaper. To give the flower vivacity, toning it with acrylic paint or pastels. When working with pastel flower will need to cover the layer of lacquer and acrylic paint very well kept on the product.

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