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How to make a rose out of autumn maple leaves

How to make a rose out of autumn maple leaves

A beautiful and colorful composition of roses - elegant interior decoration.

However, fresh flowers very quickly fade, but you can make a bright bouquet of autumn maple leaves, it will please you for many months.

To produce a rose you will need:
- Around 10 different colorful leaves razmerov-
- Small vetochka-
- Floral tape-
- Scissors.

The first method

Walking through autumn park, collect justfallen leaves and tear them with wood, the material should not be dry. You will need the leaves of different sizes from the smallest to the greatest and most varied shades from yellow to crimson.

Rose can be made not only from maple, and other leaves of wood, such as aspen. Charming little buds are obtained from birch leaves.

Sort the leaf size. Lay them on a work surface, starting from the smallest. With him and should start work.
Take a piece of paper and fold it in half towrong side. Twist it into a tube. Holding the first part with the left hand, right, take a sheet larger, fold it in half and wrap them first. Next, place the sheet on the other side of the midway.
Continue to wrap the leaves bud, with each subsequent should be larger. Number of maple leaves depends on the size of your future flower.

Florists are advised to grease with vegetable oil leaves, so they will not lose their color.

Tightly wrap the lower part of the thread of rose and tie them tightly. Attach a small twig, which will mimic the stem. Wrap the lower part of the bud and stem floral tape.

second method

This method is a little easier. For the production of roses, you will need the same number of leaves of different shades.

The more leaves you use, the more magnificent happens rose.

All leaves, cut the stalks. Attach to the bottom of each wire. Begin production of the flower with the smallest sheet. Tighten its tube. And then apply the leaves larger, giving the natural shape of the flower. Fold and twist the material is not necessary. The wire in the bottom of the parts periodically twist to hack has not collapsed. Then again tighten the wire, forming a flower stalk and tightly wrap the lower part of the wire and floral tape.
At the beginning of this flower resemble bude rose only vaguely, but after a couple of days, when the leaves are dry, they will twist themselves and get a beautiful flower.

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