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How to make a rose out of a tin can

How to make a rose out of a tin can

Everyone's favorite rose flower can be made not only from tissue, but also from a tin can.

Bright rosette will be a great decorative element of any gift or home decor.

You will need

  • - cans-
  • - kruglogubtsy-
  • - folga-
  • - spitsa-
  • - Scissors (zigzag) -
  • - Acrylic kraska-



Take a can of paste and cutextreme bezel and set it aside because it still is useful. Side of the banks cut into 6 equal parts, making an incision from the edge toward the center, but not reaching it. Round off the corners of the petals.


Round off the edges of the petals with the help of pliers, giving them a natural concave appearance. Make a ball of foil and paste it into the center of the workpiece.


Glue the ball to hot glue the lower petal,as if grasping it. Similarly, glue 2 more petals, arranged in one and not in a row. Then glue remaining petals one by one, thus forming the core of a rose.


Prepare a blank with six petals oftwo cans and glue to the center core of a rose. Glue the petals to the core in the manner described above and proceed to the next layer. Rose should consist of only 5 layers.


2 Make a leaf. Take cover from cans and fold them in half. Process the workpiece edge zigzag scissors. Then fold the leaf accordion and expand the halves.


Glue the leaves of the rose. Garnish with curls composition made from the rims of cans and wound on the spokes. Paint product acrylics.

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