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How to make a rocking chair to give


How to make a rocking chair to give</a>

After a day of hard work, it is nice to relax in a rocking chair.

Those who like to make things for home or cottage with their own hands, can try to make such a chair from plywood - a material very popular among designers.

You will need

  • - sheets of plywood with a thickness of 4 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm-
  • - Screws-
  • - Milling-
  • - glue.



Draw a drawing or drawing of the future product. In accordance with it, produce patterns - on the sheet of cardboard you must apply a grid and transfer the drawing to it.

A picture might look something like this


Try to arrange the contours of the parts on the plywood in such a way that the sheet can be used more economically. With the help of the router, cut out the details, make holes for them in the screws.


Cut out a ten-millimeter plywood sheetStraps - 16 pieces 50 * 3 cm (for the seat) and 18 pieces 54 * 3 (for the back). From the 15 mm sheet: two racks, seat supports, side parts-one bar 47 * 4.5 cm, 48.5 * 4.5 cm, 47 * 4.5 cm, 54 * 4.5 cm. From Sheet 4 mm: 2 pieces for the base, back. To make the bandwagon, cut a separate bar with the right size or you can not do it at all - to anyone as you want. All the finished parts are sanded.


Spin and the seat is assembled from thin slats, which are made of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm, they must be glued on thin base sheets.


All the details must be primed, dried, and then dyed. When the parts dry out after finishing, we assemble a rocking chair from them using fasteners.

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