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How to make a polymer clay ring


How to make a polymer clay ring</a>

This step-by-step lesson is intended for those who are just starting to master the art of sculpting from polymer clay.

If you follow the instructions, you get a simple, but quite original ring in the form of a bow.

You will need

  • Polymer clay, glitter, a blade, a rolling pin with a plank or a pasta machine.



First, break the polymer clay in your hands, it should become pliable. Roll out a plate 0.5 cm thick from it.


With a knife or a blade, cut out the parts forThe future of the bow: one wide rectangle, the second narrower. Wrap the edges of the long rectangle inward, wrap the other rectangle around the first one.


Get a pretty bow.


Now blind the ring itself, attach it to itbow. First wrap the ring around your finger, bend it to the size you need. Do not worry that there will be irregularities on the ring - this problem will be masked with sparkles.


It remains to cover the ring with sequins. Now, wait until your craft made of polymer clay hardens.

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