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How to make a ring of cutlery

How to make a ring of cutlery

In needlewomen to manufacture all kinds of jewelry and handicrafts in the course is everything.

It turns out that even from the old useless cutlery can be elegant and original ring.

Make it is not difficult.

You will need

  • - Old dining equipment-
  • - Cutter for metal or nozhovka-
  • - ploskogubtsy-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - Loose leaf Paper
  • - a pen.



So, before you start construction,you must decide what exactly you will be doing the ring. It is of two kinds: that is wrapped around a finger and the usual - his end will be hidden. Why is it important to first select? Because this will depend on the length of the blank product.


Once you have decided on the form of rings, you need to choose the appropriate cutlery with a beautiful pen. By the way, it would be very nice if the working material is made of silver.


Further it is necessary to measure the size of a finger, whichthe future will be worn decoration. To do this, wrap a strip of paper around it and make a note on it where the ends overlap. If you choose a ring that will wrap around the finger, then to the resulting length must be added another 6 millimeters, and if normal, then you should not add anything.


Expand the paper strip. The size indicated on it, it is necessary to cut the handle cutlery. This can be done with a cutter for metal, and with a simple hacksaw.


Sandpaper is necessary to process the sharp edges of the blank, or you will get hurt on them.


It remains only to gently bend the product with pliers. Ring of cutlery ready!

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