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How to make a resume that is allocated


A well-written resume - an important point for employment. In the age of the Internet is on the resume will judge you.

And you have to do everything that you are invited for an interview, where you in person, make sure that you are a professional in their field.

You will need

  • diploma of secondary vocational and higher education, a photocopy of the work book, all the certificates of training courses, advice from previous jobs.



Begin your resume with a selection of good businessa photo. Artistic photographs are only relevant if you are applying for a creative profession (actor, musician, animator). The person should be large, and not obscured. Dress code - shirt or blouse, allowed single-colored turtleneck and jacket.


The summary should be no more than 2 pages A4printed text. Font - Times New Roman. In summary, do not use the secretions, italic, underline. Use the same size of letters (12 th pt). Zoom (14 th pt) your last name, first name and middle name must be specified.


At the beginning resume specify the purpose of your resume, for example - "the work of personnel manager." Then enter your name, first name, phone number, city of residence.


In the next box, specify the desired level of income, marital status, presence of children, if you are willing to travel, relocation.


Next, specify completely the school isyou have completed (name, specialty, years of study) and further education (name, place of passage, the number of hours, number of the certificate or certificates).


List the work in reversechronological order, i.e. starting with the last or current. For each job, specify the period of work, company name, activity, position, your responsibilities and achievements. The achievements of the details that expand the useful have you done for your company - increased customer base, open new branches, developed new training and so on. If you maintain a good relationship with the former management or staff member, you can specify them as people who can recommend you. To do this, write the name, first name, middle name, title and telephone number.


The next step is to write whatskills and abilities you possess - fluency in English, knowledge of 1C base, knowledge of programming languages, confident PC user, and so on. Choose those skills that you may need to work, and that you actually own. If you have a driving license and foreign passport, you can specify in the same block.


If you plan to send your resume toe-mail, do not forget to write a cover letter. It indicate that interest in the vacancy and ask to consider your candidacy for the position selected. We have patience and wait for invitations to interview.

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