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How to describe the trainee


How to describe the trainee</a>

In educational institutions, students must pass throughPractice at enterprises and organizations in their specialty. After the termination of practice the management of the enterprise should make and write for each student the characteristic and a response.

This moment causes more problems than the practice itself, questions arise - how to write a review, what should be indicated in it, to what extent?

The composition of the characteristic takes only ten minutes, if you do everything according to plan.



Do not ask the student to write a review. This is a common practice - if the manager does not know what to write, he asks the trainee to make a characterization himself, then to put a seal and a signature. It's unprofessional and wrong. Spend ten minutes of your time on composing a characteristic.


Make a sample Word file batchComputer, save it for the future - the next time students will practice with you, you will be able to make the characteristics much faster with this template. For procurement use the company form, which the organization uses to write letters and business papers (the form must include the details of the company, e-mail, telephone, TIN, website address).


Write the name, name and patronymic of the student in the formAnd the number of his student card. Indicate the duration of the practice, its duration. Further it is necessary to describe the work done by the trainee and characterize its quality. First of all, list what kind of work the student performed personally (read the internal documents, analyzed the activities of the enterprise, studied the structure of the organization), indicate what work was done with the team (organization of the seminar, communication with clients). The work of the student must correspond to the objectives of the practice, which are indicated in the methodology or the direction to practice, and the type of practice (educational, industrial, fact-finding). Specify only those types of work that fit the topic of practice and correspond to the specialty of the student.


Give an evaluation of the student's activity - not to him, but to his work. Assess the attitude of the trainee in the work performed, his discipline, diligence, knowledge, skills.


Rate the practice. Here everything is very simple - on the basis of the previous characteristic, draw a conclusion about the final evaluation and end with the sentence "Student Ivanov Alexander deserves an assessment of" Excellent "or" Good. "

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