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How to prepare a report


How to prepare a report</a>

The easiest way to draw up a report that fills inOn any approved form. At the same time, you simply enter the parameters that should be indicated in the empty fields, put your signature on it? And the report is ready!

But what about reports that are filled in an arbitrary form, because they, like any other document, should also be drawn up according to certain rules.

Let's try to understand this question.



In case if report, Which you need to compile, hasAny form, its external design should still meet the standards of record keeping. Write it on a regular sheet of A4 writing paper.


In the middle of the sheet, write the word "Report", and then describe the subject reportBut:? About the work of the department ?,? About work for a month ?,? About the results of a business trip ?. If this is an individual report, Specify your surname, name and patronymic, as well as the department and position.


If report It does not require a detailed description and analysis, as, for example, report About the production practice orResearch development, then try to keep on one sheet, adhere to a clear and concise form of presentation. Specify specific facts, support them with numbers. Try to state laconically, one who will study your report, And most likely, it will be the boss, will appreciate your ability to summarize the essence.


For greater clarity, use in reportE tables and diagrams, if there are large discrepancies in the figures that you indicated in the previous reportE, then indicate the reasons for this and give them an analysis.


General Information Structure reportThe document should be homogeneous, think about which form of presentation will be most convenient for you, and use it for the entire document.


Finish report, Indicating his position and putting a signature and date.

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