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How to make a radio-controlled plane

How to make a radio-controlled plane

Almost every boy dreamed of as a child to build a model airplane that could fly itself.

With the advent of the internet and model stores this dream became a reality and quite feasible.

You will need

  • - airplane model-
  • - Ceiling plitka-
  • - Reinforced skotch-
  • - Bamboo shampury-
  • - Klein
  • - Paint.



Select before the start of the aircraft model that is most like. Beginners should choose the model that will be easy to manage.


Cut out the parts of the ceiling tiles. Schemes need to build a model just two - one for cutting, and the second - for a sample. They can paint yourself, but you can find ready-made. All parts of the drawing paper cut alternately applied to the tile, encircled with a thin marker or felt-tip pen and subsequently cut.


Glue the parts - to create the fuselageuse just two cut parts. They are glued together joint in a joint, then you can proceed to gluing the tail and rudder. Gluing the tail assembly is carried out in two layers, and the rudders to half tile. The rest of the space is the mobile steering treated sandpaper.


Make loops for rudders and keel of the aircraftreinforced adhesive tape and ceiling tiles. It is attached on top of the tape. You can proceed to the creation of motor mount - with a rigid bulkhead plate and with holes for the electric motor. It can be produced from old plastic card and secure bolts. In the middle is tile.


Glue the engine mount to the wheels. To this end, the two partitions to attach the bamboo skewers. Then, the whole structure should be attached to the side walls of the future aircraft fuselage. After drying, to the main part of the aircraft attached, alternately on both sides of the keel and the vertical tail plane.


Glue the horizontal tail plane for the tail of the aircraft after re-drying of the structure.


Create two wings - they are cut from the ceilingtiles. Once it is attached to the spar - power design, located throughout the aircraft structure and the aileron - management body, which allows the aircraft to keep the balance.


Pin inside the fuselage using an adhesive rudders and receiver configured to receive a signal from the transmitter. After glue the fuselage top and bottom.


Fix the screw on the bow of the model with the bolts. At the end of the model must be sanded and painted. RC aircraft ready!

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