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How to make a website quickly

To create a site required extensive knowledge of programming languages. HTML, CSS, PHP? it is only the foundation.

You can certainly use the site engine, or create it through the program-constructor. However, here too, sooner or later you have to delve into the various subtleties.

Also do not forget about the domain and hosting.

Therefore, the creation of the finished site is stretched into weeks, and even months.

But it is possible to create a website in just one day.



To do this, we will use onlineDesigner uCOZ sites. This is a pretty practical solution for novice saytostroitelya. many good sites has been done in this system. It provides a free third-level domain and hosting. So go to the site http://www.ucoz.ru.


Immediately we see the big button? Create site ?. Pass registration. Fill in all the data. After completing the registration can proceed directly to the creation of a site in uCOZ system. Authorizing the system and enter the administrator password. We fall on the desktop.


Outside the desktop a bit like tableoperating system? Windows ?. Intuitive interface. Click? My sites ?. Select the tab? Create site ?. Enter the address of the future of the site you would like to see. You can select a domain. Enter the security code, put a tick in agreement with the rules of hosting. Click to continue. A dialog box that informs about the success of creating a website. Push? Website control panel?


We were sent to a panel, which indicatesname of the site, choose the design of the site and language. Click to continue. Next, specify the modules that will be useful. Then press again to continue. You get a site to the administrator panel. Here you can adjust the settings, and other modules. Upstairs there is an inscription? Address your site ?. Click on it. And you actually get to your site. You still fill it with content.

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