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How to make a puppet of pasta

How to make a puppet of pasta

Tired of boring and crafts Chinese toys that are harmful to the child's health? What if make something useful and interesting?

Create a walking skeleton puppet pasta very simple.

You will need

  • - 10 small elongated makaronin-
  • - Several wooden busin-
  • - Thin flexible shnur-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Wooden palochka-
  • - Black marker
  • - A small wooden circle for podelok-
  • - Broad white gum.



Arrange your work the way you want it to look in the future. You might want to move some parts to another location or completely replace them.


First fix the head on the end of an elastic rope, then go to the body. Each time repeat the technique: spaghetti, plus a wooden bead.


At the end of the skeleton must be formed of a white gum balls, they can be glued to the adhesive. Tie all the strings to a wooden stick on top. Your skeleton is ready!

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