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HOW do punt

How to punt

Boat-bottomed boat can be used in different ways.

It is necessary for business purposes, to hiking, fishing.

This boat has a fairly simple structure.

With its storage is no problem.

You will need

  • In order to make the boat, punt, you must have:
  • 7 pine boards with a thickness of 15-20 mm width 300 mm, and length - 5 meters
  • 3 pine boards, which are 50 millimeters in thickness, width 300 mm and length of 4 meters
  • Pine board 30 × 200 millimeters.
  • Two plywood sheets, which are 3-5 mm thickness
  • 1 kilogram of oil paint
  • 3 kilograms of white on natural olife-
  • 1.5 kilograms of nails in length 50 millimetrov-
  • 1 kilo of screw length of 50 millimeters.



First manufactured frames. They should be 200 millimeters above the level of the bead. Also, be sure to do the stem and transom. Installation is made on their keel board, which has a size of 50 × 20 mm. Mounting is performed with nails. Between frames must be installed benches. They are also attached to the nails. The upper part of the frames, stem and transom mounted to the side of the mounting board, whose dimensions are 20x200x5000 millimeters.


To form something similar to the formwork,which fixed the basic shape of the boat. After the work is finished, nadustanovochnye board removed. You also can not forget about the extra 20 centimeters frames. They have to be sawed off. After that nailed the bottom side of the board. The lower lines must be carefully cut saw.


The next step should be applied topcurbs. Keel board should be separated, and in its place must be nailed board bottom. Then attach 3 keel along the lines of connection. This achieves better sealing joints. The joints must be well caulked with oakum, which is wetted in a drying oil. You also can not forget about the putty and sanding. After all this is done the trunk. Most often it is made of plywood. The best place for the luggage is considered to be the nose of the boat. By the middle bench is placed the fish tank. This is followed by paint work. Paint usually two or three layers. Use oil-based paint.

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