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How to make a pumpkin pillow, with his own hands

How to make a pumpkin pillow, with his own hands

The hands can create amazing things. For example, it can be a pillow as pumpkins.

Originally, is not it?

And such crafts unable to make even one who is a novice in needlework.

You will need

  • - Yellow cotton fabric free colors
  • - Thick porolon-
  • - sintepon-
  • - Felt green colors-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - Glue gun.



So, first we need to make a template forfuture pillows. To do this, cut out of foam 2 circle diameter should be equal to 45 centimeters. In the center of each of them need to make such openings, which will pass through the entire foam. Once done the holes, glue the blank with each other. Then cut off the excess foam, forming the foundations of something like a flower.


Next, take the hands of padding polyester and wrapped them glued parts of the workpiece. Once you have done this procedure, hiding edge padding polyester foam in the slot, which form the petals.


Now sew "clothes" for our pillows. To do this, you need to carve out a denim patchwork 7 petals. Then on the sewing machine stitched by the largest step between a tissue obtained workpiece. The thread is not fixed after the procedure.


Do you remember that the thread is not fixed? So, I come to their turn. Each pull a loose thread, thereby collecting a seam. The same thing we do with the rest of the seams.


The collected "clothes" should be laid with our preparation, and then hand sew fabric scraps. From tail to make felt items. Pillow-pumpkin with his hands ready!

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