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How to write a report on the work done


How to write a report on the work done</a>

Sometimes it is more difficult to report on the work done than to do it.

However, a lot can depend on such a report.

According to your report, the one who will read it will not only make out the idea of ​​what was done by you, but also quite can learn about your business qualities.



Determine the frequency of the report. They are weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. On this depends the detail of the report. Weekly and monthly reports are designed for operational control, so they assume a high degree of detail, a detailed description of each stage. In the quarterly and annual reports, only the analysis of work on all activities is carried out and its results are presented.


Form of presentation of the results of activities inWeekly or monthly report should be brief and clear. In them, specify only the specific work performed and give specific numerical indicators that quantify your activity. If there are large discrepancies in the indicators in comparison with the previous reporting period, then reflect the reasons for this discrepancy and analyze them. If you know how to solve the problem, then your proposals can also be stated in the report.


Information structure of the report on theWork should be uniform for the entire document. Think about the form of his presentation. In a tabular form, it will certainly be more visual and compact. In addition, if you do this table, for example, in Excel, then the summary, monthly report can be illustrated with visual diagrams.

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