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How to make a progress report

How to make a progress report

Sometimes it is difficult to report on the done work, than to execute it.

Meanwhile, a lot may depend on such report.

According to your report, the one who will read it, not only to get an idea of ​​what has been done by you, but may well know about your business qualities.



Decide on the report frequency. They come in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. It depends on the detail of the report submitted. Weekly and monthly reports are designed for operational control, so they require a high degree of detail, a detailed description of each step. The quarterly and annual reports has been held only on the analysis of all the activities and presented the results.


Form of presentation of results of operations in theweekly or monthly report should be concise and clear. They specify only the specific work done and bring concrete numerical indicators that quantitatively describe your activities. If there are big differences in performance compared to the previous reporting period, that reflect the reasons for such differences and analyze them. If you know how to solve the problem, the offers can also state in the report.


Information report on the work structurework must be uniform for the entire document. Think about the shape of his presentation. it in tabular form is likely to be more intuitive and compact. In addition, if you do this table, for example, to Excel, the consolidated monthly report can be illustrated with visual diagrams.

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