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How to make a presentation in PowerPoint: Step by Step

How to make a presentation in PowerPoint: step by step instructions

Today in Russia, more than 2/3 of all the presentations created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint application.

To display PowerPoint presentations require the presenter computer and a projector and large screen or fabric.

But we can not forget about the quality of the presentation created - it should be a bright, stylish and charming attention.



What rules should be followed when creatingpresentation in PowerPoint? Firstly, do not overload the slides. Presentation Template to be minimalist and easy. In accordance with the theme of the presentation, use the appropriate color schemes. In any case, never use too bright background - red, blue, bright light green.


Secondly, the font must be large and readable. Use the color of the font, sharply distinguishable from the background - black or white. Use as little as possible of the text on the slides, only the keywords and highlights. The remaining information can be read from the application or from memory. Do not place all the text on the slides and read it as a lecture - it's boring. But charts and tables, is also simplified, as well as facts and figures, are welcome.


Thirdly, use the original photoshigh quality, best - not the public that no one has previously seen. The photos should be the focus, in which the viewer stops. Images must be lively and memorable.


Fourth, use the least effects. Animation should be simple, fast. No need to use long-term transitions, vintage loss of letters, etc. All of this distracts the viewer and makes uncomfortable viewing presentations, nervous.


Fifth, limit the number of slides and timepresentation. A huge number of slides will cause viewers to forget the big block of information. The most important and spectacular slides should be placed at the beginning and end of the presentation.


Sixth, keep your presentation in their ownhands. Take a look at projected slides as little as possible, so that the audience did not had the feeling that you are badly prepared. Manage voice, highlighting particularly important points intonation. It is advisable to keep the remote control in his presentation - give up assistant, which can confuse the start time to the next slide or "push the wrong button" Keep your posture and generally stay on the stage with confidence. Almost half the time of the presentation the audience will not look at the slides, and on your person.

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