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How to make a poster for the anniversary

How to make a poster for the anniversary</a>

Improvisation on the jubilee is always pleasant.

Endless toasts, treats and dances will not replace the warmth of the object, made by the hands of the invited guest.

Create a spectacular poster for the birthday boy - the task is not easy, so before you start to read the tips carefully.



Material. Decide what kind of material you will take as a basis. This can be cardboard, paper, fabric, metal or wood. Of course, on a slice of a wooden board the inscriptions and photos attached will look original, but to hold such poster In the hands it will be hard. Most often for posterThey use plain paper or cardboard. As a cardboard it is possible to take boxes from under technics, but it is better to buy in a department of office of office a set of sheets of a cardboard for work and drawing (the price about 60 rubles). Take a few sheets of cardboard and fasten to make a square (2 on top, 2 at the bottom). The A4 format is not surprising to anyone, and the jubilee probably will not see all the details of the idea on a small footing. Let poster Will be great, attract attention and thereby deliver joy to the birthday person.


Subject. Now think that you want to write or draw a hero, or want to place pictures with photos. Show the culprit of the celebration on the other side. Pay attention to those aspects and characteristics of his character, of which few people can guess. For example, illustrate his hobby. For fishermen - find on the Internet a beautiful picture with a catch of fish, glue it on poster, And replace the fisherman with the figure of the jubilee, carved from the photograph. Take bright felt-tip pens or paint and write greetings in the form of quatrains. Most often posterAh do not make many notes and pictures - this is the prerogative of the wall newspaper. It will be enough to have one or two photos and a large font-slogan-congratulation for the jubilee.


Decor. Over time, on paper and cardboard, photos fade, the text burns out or is erased, in general, poster Out of order. For lifelong storage of valuable posterBut in its original form you can laminate it or insert it into a wide carved frame with glass. Such a final chord to your work will add significance and elegant look.

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