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How to make a postcard with their hands from silk

How to make a postcard with their hands from silk

Painting on silk - it is a fascinating and beautiful hobby. Modern materials allow the creation of unique works of needle women.

Boxes, handkerchiefs, scarves, pillow covers, blouses gladly painted all over the world.

Large surface begins to paint quite difficult.

But to make cards of silk with their own hands the power of even those who have recently picked up a brush and paint.

You will need

  • -shelk for painting
  • -Colors for painting on silk
  • a contour for the painting on silk
  • -frame
  • -Button for fixing silk to the frame
  • -kisti inking
  • -salt
  • -scissors
  • -wood for furniture -wood cards



Creating a postcard with your hands, you have workednecessary skills for painting on silk on small surfaces. Be sure to wash the fabric by any means soft laundry and rinse it several times. Dry the fabric. Pin silk to the frame and apply at random 2-3 matching color scheme. Mixing and spreading on the fabric, they will create beautiful patterns. Some places can be lightly sprinkled with salt. Wait when the fabric is dry and apply contours to work on silk different patterns or pictures.


For further work to outline borderscloth needed for a card. Remove the silk and iron frame with his iron. Cut along the outside contour into small squares. After that, the edge will not crumble. Or just cut squares and do terry around the edges. Postcards from the painted silk are very effective.


Take a template for cards or make yourself. Thick paper cut to the desired size and fold in half. Apply glue stick the wrong side of painted silk. Attach it to the card. Add the loop necessary for decor items. Put on a postcard sheet of white paper and iron again. So, silk card is ready. It will serve as a perfect gift for any holiday or anniversary date.

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