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How to make a postcard-cat

How to make a card-cat

Gift and card - related things. Therefore, depending on the card not so little as it may seem.

By her choice should be taken seriously enough, and even better to do it yourself!

I propose to make a greeting card in the form of a cat.

You will need

  • - Thick cardboard
  • - Kraft bumaga-
  • - salfetki-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Thin bechevka-
  • - Colored helium Do it by yourself-
  • - shilo-
  • - Scissors.



In a dense piece of cardboard must be drawncat circuit then carefully cut it. The resulting preform is necessary to paste over a simple swipe. Thus, the formed amount of future cards.


Kraft paper must be folded in half. Then take a cardboard blank, attach it to the paper and circle so that the allowance remained at 2 centimeters in length.


The carton blanks are put between two layerskraft paper. Then you need to soshnurovat paper twine. At this stage, the work should work with an awl, because with it you need to make holes for the thread. Do everything very carefully and attentively. Once the product is fully stitched, cut off the excess kraft paper.


Because kraft paper carve out a double wing, fix it on the trunk crafts and write a greeting to him. It remains only to paint the creation gel pen. Postcard-cat is ready!

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