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How to make a portal to the Twilight forest maynkraft

How to make port in twilight forest maynkrafte

In the game you can build various Maynkraft portals: hell, heaven, space, end.

It allows mastering other worlds, to produce new material.

This list does not exhaust the worlds.

Learn how to make a portal to the Twilight forest maynkraft and receive as a bonus a new adventure.

Download and become a computer Maud Twilight Forest. This will allow you, building a portal, visit a huge, completely covered with trees, a new world -dusk wood. No mods construction, unfortunately, is not possible.

Since huge crown closed almost completely the world of light from the sun, there is almost always dark.

In the mysterious forest of giant trees, you can find a cave, hiding from prying eyes mountain of treasures and jewels, which are guarded by the terrible and dangerous monsters.

Why a portal to the Twilight forest maynkraft

dusk wood It is located below the main game world.

In it, new biomes, each of which grow a variety of trees, the seeds of which can also be found in the forest for cultivation.

Since the world is very old, there you will find old buildings and ancient ruins left over from thousands of years of civilizations existed here.

AT Duskwood terrain is flat for the most part, however,some places you will find hills. Part of the hills has a hollow structure. In these caves are stored wealth, hoarding and dark veil protected the monsters, goblins, and ghosts, spiders.

Also, opening a portal to the Twilight ForestYou can get into a huge maze and walked to the center to get untold riches.

In the forest you will also meet the strong and cruel bosses Nagi. To fight them, you need a well to pump your character and acquire weapons.

How to make a portal to the Twilight Forest maynkraft

After installation fashion you can start building portal.

Dig a hole in the ground of size 2 by 2 block of depth in a single layer. Take a bucket and fill it with water, fill your hole in the ground.

that activate the portal in twilight forest, Throw the water diamond.

Since activation appears lightning, move a little to the side.

If the water glowed in purple, then you have got make a portal to the Twilight forest maynkraft.

Do not forget to zaprivatit your territory, so no one can assign building or out of it himself.

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