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How to make a portal to the city maynkraft without mods

How to make a portal to the city maynkrafte without mods

Exciting game sandbox Minecraft(Maynkraft) has won thousands of fans around the world. It can be created from cubic elements different things, to build houses, to make portals to fight, to make friends and socialize.

To have your travel became more fun, learn how to make the portal to the city maynkraft.

How to make the city maynkraft

To build a portal into the city, you need to find or make a settlement itself, or the meaning of the construction of the portal is lost.

If the creative mode is opened on the server forconstruction of the city, open your inventory, find among the available objects brown egg, roll on the ground, to out of it hatched a resident of a future settlement. The larger city in the game you want to build, the more you need the eggs.

When the required number of civilians, you can get away for a while and do other useful things. A day return to the place where the eggs were broken, there will erect civilians town.

For the construction of the portal in the city itself without modssettlement is not necessarily to build, you can find it in my game. On the plain or in the desert, you can find a ready-made settlement mobs with wood or sand houses. This is the place to do the portal.

Also to appear on the map of the city, you can key in the world of the generator Maynkraft enter kedengkedeng.

How to make a portal to the city maynkraft

The portal is needed in order to enable you to move quickly from one point to another.

To build it beat out in the city centerfour blocks in the ground, surround this place blocks of one kind of stone, and the place of deleted blocks, place the stones of another kind. If you do all of the same material, the gateway to the city will not work.

Naturally, to teleport to another locationout of town, you must have not only the entrance to the portal, but also out of it. Find the right place for you out of the city (or in another country) and make it exactly the same portal.

How to activate a portal in the city

To activate a portal in the city, made nomods, take the watch move to the lower input of the portal, right click on it. If you did everything right, you will see how water flows and fills the entrance.

Navigate to the previously constructed portal and perform the same procedure.

Thus, you have got to do a portal to the city maynkraft, now you will be able to move out of the village in one click.

Do not forget to consolidate its portal at the exit to you did not attack immediately after the teleportation.

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