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How to make a porch at home

How to make a porch at home

Exterior structure largely depends on the look of the entrance to the house (the porch).

Someone orders a manufacturing workshop in porch, someone puts a brick, and many craftsmen make the porch yourself, to your taste and needs.



The design depends on the porch of the house of architecture andthe material from which it is made. For homes built mainly from wood, for decoration of the porch also use a wooden carving. It is covered with weatherproof paint or pinotex.


We finished with stucco or siding homes porch often is a simple constructionlike canopy, consisting of a roof at an angle and the two consoles that support it. If you use a polycarbonate, the roof and walls will turn translucent, and seem weightless input during the manufacturing steps. The frame of the porch can be collected from the steel parts or aluminum profile.


Polycarbonate sheets should be attached to the frame withby means of metal clips and washers made of polyethylene. The polycarbonate caves approximately 2-3 times larger than the screw diameter, it will provide coverage (in the warmer months) free movement when the material undergoes expansion. The porch can be quite simple and inexpensive.

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