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How to make a porch


How to make a porch</a>

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and the real house - with a porch. It is through the porch that the guests and the hosts themselves enter the house.

Therefore, it should be convenient and beautiful.

Porch can be built independently.

Perhaps, it is easier and cheaper to build it from boards.

You will need

  • A bit of bricks, concrete, cement, edging boards 50x150 and boards 25 mm thick, floorboards, lining, nails 150 or self-tapping screws.



Before building a porch, it is necessary to mark outThe place where it will be located, determine the dimensions. After this, you need to fill the area under the porch. Before it should be prepared formwork with a height of 70-100 mm. Then you need to lay on the perimeter of the future porch masonry height of one brick. As a result, it, along with lags and the floorboard, should be on the same level with the floor in the house. On top of the masonry is laid roofing material for waterproofing.
After that, you can collect the frame of the porch. It is necessary to strengthen the four corners of the brickwork of the rack. Their height should be slightly lower than the pillars of the house. This is necessary to create a slope of the roof, so that moisture drains from it. On the boards prikolochivayutsya boards. The top bandage is not necessary, it will be replaced by ceiling slabs - rafters.

How to make a porch


When the frame is ready, it is necessary to fasten on itCeiling slabs. One end of them should be strengthened on the racks of the frame, and fastened to the rack of the frame, and the other fixed on the floor of the house. In this way, you can create a ceiling and a roof.
Then straight into the apertures should be putWindow blocks. From the side of the street you can cover the porch? Inch ?, then to finish with siding. Inside the porch you need to make a floor. For this it is necessary to lay the lagged lags, having first impregnated them with an antiseptic. The boards must be placed on the edge. The pitch should be 500 mm. One edge of the log cuts into the beams of the house itself, the other is set on brickwork. When the lags are set, floorboards can be laid.

How to make a porch


It is hardly worth warming the porch, because there no oneIs going to live. Therefore, after the construction of the porch, you can immediately begin to finish. It is necessary to attach a frame to the frame, walls and ceiling, it looks great. The number of steps depends on the desire and needs of the host. Before they do, you must carefully calculate the step, so it was convenient to climb the porch. When all the work on creating the porch is finished, you can install a door in it and paint the lining in the color you like.

How to make a porch

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