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How to make a porch

How to make a porch

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and a real home - from the porch. It is through the porch, guests and owners themselves get into the house.

Therefore, it should be comfortable and beautiful.

Porch, you can build your own.

Perhaps, it is easier and cheaper to build it from the board.

You will need

  • Few brick, concrete, cement, 50h150 edged boards and planks 25 mm thick floor boards, boards, nails or screws 150.



Before you build a porch, it is necessary to mark outthe place where it will be, to determine the dimensions. After that, it is necessary to fill in the area under the porch. Before it should prepare shuttering formwork 70-100 mm. Then you need to lay out the perimeter of the future porch masonry height of a brick. As a result, she, along with logs and batten should be flush with the floor of the house. On top of the laying plank roofing material for waterproofing.
You can then collect the porch frame. It is necessary to reinforce the four corners of the brickwork pillar. Their height should be slightly below the house stands. It is necessary to create a slope of the roof to her dripping with moisture. On the rack nailed boards. Cantrail do not have to, it will replace the ceilings - the rafters.

How to make a porch


When the frame is ready, it is necessary to fix itceilings. One end should be strengthened in the frame racks and rack is attached to the frame, and the other fixed on the ceiling of the house. Thus, you can create just the ceiling and the roof.
Then, right in the rack openings should be putwindow units. From the street you can sheathe the porch? Dyuymovka ?, then to decorate the siding. Inside the steps necessary to make the floor. To do this, put the joists with boards, pre-soaking them with antiseptic. Boards should be put on an edge. Step should be 500 mm. One edge of the joists in cuts the beam of the house, the other is mounted on the brickwork. When the logs supplied, can be laid floorboards.

How to make a porch


It is hardly necessary to insulate the porch, because there is no oneHe is going to live. Therefore, after the construction of the porch you can immediately start to finish. It is necessary to attach to the frame, wall and ceiling linings, it looks great. Number of steps depends on the wishes and needs of the owner. Before they do, you have to carefully calculate the step, it was convenient to climb the porch. When all the work to create the steps are completed, you can install it and paint the door linings in the desired color.

How to make a porch

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