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How to make a playpen for puppies

How to make a playpen for puppies

The appearance of a puppy in the house - it is always a joy.

Good owners should watch for animals as for children.

To keep the puppies in one place and train to go to the toilet in a certain place, you will need a playpen.

It can be purchased in a specialty store or collect himself.

You will need

  • - EAF
  • - samorezy-
  • - Linoleum.



The first thing to do - to choose a materialfor manufacturing arena. It is best suited for this CPD - it is light, smooth surface, does not leave splinters. Connections in corners sure to secure screws, so that the puppies have not been able to catch their teeth or claws. The minimum size of the arena -. 1,5h1,5 m If the arena is too small, the puppies will be little space and they will play in the same place go to the toilet, and the odor is difficult to get rid of.


The walls of the enclosure must be solid, with no windows,cuts, which often stuck paws, the animals may be injured. Arena should not miss the draft, which is very important for puppies. The height of the arena depends on the breed of dog owner and growth. You should be comfortable to step to the dogs, and they, in turn, should not be able to jump out of the arena, but at the same time looking out of it.


Take care of the stability and strength of the arena - it must withstand jumping and playing puppies.


It is necessary to make the door. It can be put in the middle of one of the walls, stepping on each side of 15-20 cm, so that the sides have remained stable. Fabricate a small threshold height of 15-20 cm, to little puppies do not fall out of the arena.


On the floor it's best to lay linoleum. Attach to the wall of the arena at a height of 1.5-2 cm, to avoid wicking of urine. Put on top of a carpet of artificial fur - heat with him, and paws puppies do not slip on the linoleum.

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