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How to make a picture on clothes


How to make a picture on clothes</a>

If there is a fantasy, decorate a boring monophonic thing, make children's clothes more vivid and attractive or hide a small defect on the fabric easily enough.

And it does not take much time and money to do this.

You can make a picture on clothes in different ways.



Never start decorating clothes, if notKnow what you want to get in the end. If necessary, draw a sketch on a piece of paper. Choose the right combination of colors for the future picture, which will be in harmony with the thing itself. Determine what you need to work, and prepare everything in advance. Threads, scissors, iron, additional decorative elements (buttons, beads, ribbons, etc.) - everything should be at hand.


The easiest way to do this Picture On clothes - transfer to the fabric a sticker (sticker) or a transfer Picture. If you choose a sticker, remember that it will withstand an average of twenty machine washings. The decal will last longer. To stick a sticker or transfer Picture, Place the layout in the right place, iron over the hot iron, remove the protective layer.


Embroidery is another way to transferImage on cloth. Draw a sketch of the future drawing on the fabric. Use a simple pencil for this. If you decide to draw a contour with something else, make sure that you can then wash the sketch. Select the threads of the suitable texture and colors. Decide on the technique of embroidery. If necessary, use a stencil or ready-made instructions, where the technique and the order of embroidering of each part are painted.


If you draw well, apply an image to theFabric with acrylic paints. In the store, make sure that you buy paints for the fabric, because acrylic is used for painting and other materials. If you own a brush is not too masterful, buy a stencil. After applying the paint, let the clothes lie down for a day, after ironing the pattern with a hot iron through a thin cotton cloth. After two days, wash the thing in the washing machine, setting a gentle mode and a temperature of no more than 40 degrees.


Applikatsiya - also a good way to do on clothes Picture. Pick up scraps of fabric that fit in sizeAnd color, cut out the necessary details or tie the workpieces with crochet or knitting needles. Gently wash the appliqué, process the fabric sections, make sure that the appliqué is securely fastened and does not come off when washing or during socks. If necessary, decorate the application with rhinestones, ribbons, feathers or other decorative elements.

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