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How to make a picture on clothing

How to make a picture on clothing

If you have a fantasy, to decorate a boring monotonous thing to make children's clothes brighter and more attractive, or to hide a small defect in the fabric easy enough.

And it does not require large expenditures of time and money.

Make a picture to dress a variety of ways.



Never start to decorate clothing, unlessYou know you want to get in the end. If necessary, draw a sketch on a piece of paper. Pick the right combination of colors of the future picture, which will be in harmony with the thing itself. Determine what you need to work, and prepare everything in advance. Threads, scissors, iron, additional decorative elements (buttons, beads, ribbons, etc.) - everything should be on hand.


The easiest way to do picture on clothing - transfer to fabric label (sticker) or transfer picture. If you choose a sticker, remember that it will sustain an average of twenty-machine washings. Decal will stay longer. To stick the sticker or transfer picture, Place the layout on the right place, iron it with a hot iron on top, remove the protective layer.


Embroidery - another way to movethe image on the cloth. Apply a cloth sketch of the future picture. Use this pencil. If you decide to draw the outline of something else, be sure to wash can then sketch. Select the appropriate thread textures and colors. Decide on the technique of embroidery. If necessary, use a stencil or ready instructions, where painted machines and sewing order of each part.


If you are good at drawing, put the image on thecloth using acrylic paints. The shop is required to make sure you buy paint specifically for the fabric, as used for acrylic painting and other materials. If you own a brush is not too masterful, buy a stencil. After the ink is let soak clothes day after iron the drawing hot iron through a thin cotton cloth. Two days later wash item in the washing machine, setting a gentle treatment and the temperature is not above 40 degrees.


Application - also a good way to do on clothes picture. Pick up scraps of fabric, suitable in sizeand bloom, cut the desired part or link harvesting hook or needles. Gently nasheyte applique, treat tissue sections, make sure that the application is securely fastened and does not come off in the wash or when worn. If desired, decorate with applique sequins, ribbons, feathers, or other decorative elements.

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