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How to make a pick in minecraft

How to make a pick in minecraft

Kirk - the main tool and the main character of the game Minecraft. Without it impossible to study the caves and mining.

Kirk - one of those things that you want to make at the outset.

What you need to pick?

Any tool or weapon can MaynkraftIt is made from different types of materials. At the first stage the best available resource - wood, since trees grow on any type of terrain (except deserts) and easy to "understand" his hands. Because wood can make sticks and boards. This is enough to create the first, the most important instruments.
Appearing in the game world, head toaccumulation nearest tree, but not very far from the appearance point or try to remember landmarks. Approaching the tree, start to produce timber, while holding the left mouse button. You can extract resources in a radius of three blocks. Obtain at least ten pieces of wood. Part will go to the creation of picks and other tools, the rest can be used for coal, which is needed to illuminate the space and protection from the monsters.
Gathering wood, open character. Next to the image of your hero is crafting window (an item) 2x2. It is not enough to create a pick, but you can make the bench that serves mostly for crafting items. Put in one of the cells produced half the timber, it will allow you to get the board. From timber unit turns four boards. Lumber - excellent raw material for the creation of the first tools and fuel for the stove. In the same window Kraft put the two boards above each other, it will give you a stick. Now fill in all four cell boards, in the result should be a bench.

From the planks and sticks can be made ax which significantly accelerate the extraction of timber.

Kirk - a symbol of minecraft

Take a workbench in his hand and put it onsurface, pressing the right mouse button. Once again, right click on the bench to open its interface. You will see the active field craft 3x3. This is enough to create absolutely any items in the game. Fill the upper horizontal boards (must leave three pieces), and along the central vertical place the stick as a handle. As a result, you get a pick.
Wooden pick no different strength, toas it can help to get, not all types of resources. Having this tool, go to the nearest hill or just remove a couple of nearby land blocks or sand, to gain access to the stone. Collect using three picks rubble and create a new tool on a workbench.

Coal - the first resource that is necessary to produce, because it is out of it are important for the life of the torches.

Stone pick much stronger than wood, itIt can produce almost all kinds of resources except diamonds, emeralds, gold and red dust that is not essential in the early stages of the game. Going to explore the world, grab a three-by-four picks, not to be left suddenly without basic tool.

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