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How to make a photomontage

How to make a photomontage

It does not always have the opportunity to join in the frame of the camera once more items. But there is always a chance to get a photo to refine and add to it everything that you want.

In today's instructions, you can learn how to make a funny photo montage and turn an ordinary photo into a masterpiece of the artist!

And for this you need nothing at all: quality picture, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and a little patience.



Select a photo, and a good quality, about the size of 2500h1800, with clear details and good color.


In the Image menu, select Adjustements? Shadow / Highlight. Now, moving the levers, make the photo tone lighter, remove unnecessary shadows too sharp transitions.


In Adjustements menu Apply Photo filter,go to Filter menu and apply the filter? Watercolor? (Watercolor). Blur Blur tool edges of the image. Soft eraser erase the sharp edges of a photo.


Now you need to create a new document. To do this, go to the File menu? New. The size of this new document create approximately the same as the previous one. Copy and paste the first image in this new document and fill the background of the new document a slightly yellowish tinge to get the paper for watercolor effect. Connect layers Ctrl + E command.


Again, create a new file. On the Internet, find the picture easel suitable, preferably a gif that there is no need to cut it out of the picture. Picture easel add a new document, adjust brightness and contrast.


On the easel is necessary to create a realistic listpaper. First, at the top of the sheet set point brush with soft edges. Under it lay a shadow? it will be a button. Now select the Distortion tool (it can be called a combination of Shift + Ctrl + x) and? Bend? corners of the paper. Adjust the shadows to achieve realistic results. Select the Dodge Tool (Clarification) and put them to the penumbra.


Again, create a new file, greater in size than the others. On it you will collect the picture.


Find a jar image with brushes, again, it is better to gif format on a white or transparent background, but if you could not find, just neatly cut image jars.
Find a picture frame for a picture on a white background, cut along the contour. She, too, will go to the cause.

Look for the Internet image of a man sitting sideways, leaning his hand on his knee. We need only the part where there is a knee and a hand on it. This will be our artist.
For background, you can use an image of bookshelves. You can take a few decorative elements? Globe, for example.


Now we need to raise our picture. First add the background? bookshelves. Diversify them what some decorative elements? pictures, ancient masks? in general, so as to obtain a creative workshop atmosphere.


Next, add the image easel oneasel using the Transform tool, place a picture so that the plane of the same. Then add an image side of the artist. Try to have all the details so that the picture looked realistic.


Add decorative elements? frame, the painting in the background. Jars with brushes, place in the foreground. At each layer, adjust brightness and contrast, that they are well blended.
Your picture is ready! So amusing installation you can please some of his friends and relatives.

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